• About Us

    Coffee In My Face Ltd

    Do you remember the first time you tasted freshly roasted and ground coffee?

    Sheesh! What a shock that was to the system, when you've been used to drinking supermarket coffee! 

    Its safe to say, that once you've enjoyed the immersive aromas, complex profiles and balanced brew of superior coffee, you'll never return to stale, instant coffee again. 

    And that's exactly what we aim to achieve. 

    Here at Coffee In My Face Ltd, we want to make superior, fresh coffee accessible to everyone. No more being overwhelmed by the mass of information and mountain of coffee jargon - we want to keep things simple.  

    All of our coffee is ethically sourced - meaning the farmers are paid a fair price for their beans. We pride ourselves on sourcing coffee where the producers are paid above the 'Fair Trade' standard, as we feel this is a more appropriate reflection of the dedication and hard work involved.

    To ensure our beans are of excellent quality, we abide by certain principles. Our coffee is:

    Always freshly roasted - so you can enjoy it at its optimum. 

    Always small batch roasted - to ensure quality and consistency.

    Always natural - no artificial flavours are EVER added.

    We're confident in our beans and can't wait for you to try them.

    Because Everything Is Better With Good Coffee!

    Thank You For Supporting Our Small Business.