Robusta Vs Arabica Beans

Although there are four main species of coffee bean, only the Robusta and Arabica varieties are generally focused upon within the world of speciality coffee.

  • Robusta Beans

    Traditionally considered a much lower quality than Arabica coffee, as it possesses a more bitter and harsh taste.

    As the plant is a more plentiful fruiter and a resilient crop, the beans produced are much cheaper than those of the Arabica bush. 

    Due to this lower price point, they have largely been associated with the 'instant' and 'dark roast' sectors of the coffee market.

    Within this capacity, Robusta beans are roasted to a darker (often considered burnt) level in an attempt to mask their sub par qualities. This overwhelming 'strong' and 'bold' roast flavour does well to disguise their flaws. 

  • Resurgance

    In recent years, Robusta coffee has experienced a renewed popularity. As coffee farmers are often incentivised based on the quality of their crop, the Robusta bean has undergone a transformation.

    Modern variations of the beans are of such a quality that they no longer carry the associated 'bitter' and 'burnt' flavours. They have, however, managed to retain their higher caffeine content, which has led to a popularity amongst those who prefer more of a 'caffeine hit'. 

  • Arabica Beans

    Arabica coffee is considered to be the more superior of the species due to the complexity of its flavours.

    Being a less hardy plant than the Robusta however, means there is much maintenance and upkeep required to ensure it is not only pest and disease free, but also resilient to weather conditions.

    It's this level of nurturing, combined with their smooth and complex flavours, that enables Arabica coffee beans to reach a much higher price point than Robusta.

    Their distinct lack of bitterness and variations in their tasting notes, makes them a continued favourite and a preference amongst many connoisseurs. 

  • Our Beans

    Here at Coffee In My Face Ltd, we offer single origin,100% Arabica beans for you to enjoy a superior cup.

    To reach flavour profiles unachievable with a sole origin alone, we also offer blends. These are made up of 100% Arabica beans, expertly brought together for a unique flavour profile. 

    To cater for those who prefer a more 'hitting' cup of coffee - we also have you covered. By blending high quality, modern Robusta beans with Arabica, we have complimented the natural flavours present but retained that all important increased caffeine hit.