There's A Valve On My Coffee Packet, Why?

There's A Valve On My Coffee Packet, Why? 

As all of our coffee is freshly roasted, it needs a little time to 'de-gas' before it is drinkable. This is due to the build up of carbon dioxide (CO2) which occurs naturally during the roasting process.

In order to keep your coffee as fresh as possible whilst this happens, it needs to be bagged and protected from the 'elements' quickly . If left to de-gas out in the open, the beans would be stale due to the effects of Oxygen, light and moisture. 

Cue the valve!

One way de-gassing valve to allow CO2 out and nothing in

Being specifically designed for this purpose, the one-way valve lets the CO2 out without letting other gases in. So, whilst your coffee travels through the post to reach you, it actually benefits your beans as the gas has time to dissipate meaning your brew will taste better. Good things come to those who wait.