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Coffee In My Face Ltd

Single Serve Coffee Bags | Ready To Use

Single Serve Coffee Bags | Ready To Use

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  • Ready To Use Coffee Bags For Ultimate Convenience
  • Available In Individually Wrapped Bags Or A Re-sealable Pouch
  • Just Add Hot Water
  • Let Brew For A Few - And That's You! 
  • 100% Quality Arabica Coffee 
  • Rich Roasted
  • Fully Compostable Bag

Please note that some sediment is expected due to the required grind  

☕👜 What Are Coffee Bags? ☕👜

A convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Containing freshly ground coffee enclosed in a filter paper, similar to tea bags. All you need to do is steep the coffee bag in hot water and wait for the flavours to infuse.

The ultimate quick and easy solution for your caffeine fix. 

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