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No Talking Before Coffee | Medium/Dark Roasted | Coffee Blend | 200g

No Talking Before Coffee | Medium/Dark Roasted | Coffee Blend | 200g

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Available In:

  • Whole Coffee Beans - To Grind At Home
  • Coarse Ground - For Cafetieres
  • Medium Ground - For Filter Methods
  • Fine Ground - For Espresso 
  • Blend of 100% Quality Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Medium / Dark Roasted 

🎖 Our Coffee Blends 🎖

With carefully selected beans from different regions around the world, we have crafted a diverse & exciting range of coffee blends. As everyone has different preferences when it comes to coffee, our blends offer unique tastes & profiles - so there's always something to suit everyone's taste buds. And not only are we diversifying the world of coffee, but we get to give them silly names which is a bonus!

Roast Levels

When considering our coffee roast levels, we understand that some people prefer a lighter option to bring out the vibrant & complex flavours of the beans, while others enjoy a darker roast that offers a bolder and more robust taste. With our variety of roast levels, ranging from light to dark, and even some in between, you can be sure that we will deliver a satisfying roast suited to the coffee' profile.

🌱 Sustainability🌱

Enjoying Coffee isn't only about taste but also an awareness of ethical & sustainable practices. With this this mind, our beans are sourced from farmers who prioritise sustainability & biodiversity preservation. We offer certified coffees, ranging from Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance to Organic & Carbon Neutral, in support of farmers & initiatives focused on protecting the environment.

Grind Options

To ensure you enjoy your coffee at its best, we offer various grind options. For those who prefer the ultimate in coffee freshness, we offer whole roasted beans for you to grind at home.  For the convenience of pre-ground coffee, we have coarse grind suited to Cafetieres, medium ground for filter methods & fine ground for Espresso. Each of our coffees are carefully selected to suit the full range of brewing methods.

Coffee Packaging

When it comes to the quality of coffee, this doesn't only come from the beans & brewing process, but also from how well it is stored. To ensure ultimate freshness, our dedicated packaging protects against oxygen, light & moisture, which are known to degrade the quality of your coffee. Offering full convenience, our stand-up pouches are fully re-sealable, recyclable & even have biodegradable labels which break down over time - leaving your conscience free to enjoy your superb brew. 

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